Cocomats has different types of coir mats to cater to every need and taste. Coir Mats are eco friendly door mats as they are made from natural coir fibres which are extracted from the outer shell of coconut and is known for its durability, strength and water absorption. These coir door mats are effective at capturing dirt and mud right at the doorstep and is well-known for its scratching prowess as they are very effective at scrubbing dirt from shoes. Their tough strands holds down the dirt and prevents other shoes from picking it up again keeping entrances clean from mud, dirt and grime.

Coir mats can withstand all types of weather conditions and one of the few natural mats to endure salt water damage. Coco Mats N More has a wide variety of coir mats like classic coir mats, inspirational doormats, funny coir mats, french theme coir mats, Christmas coir mats, nautical coir mats, and french theme coir mats. Hence, these doormats are an ideal choice for all types of commercial, industrial and residential entrances and perfect for all types of use. Our famous coir mats have been featured in magazines like HGTV Magazine and Southern Living.